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Marina Gadea is a professional artist from Cadiz, Spain, expressing energy and emotion through abstract colorful paintings. Marina represents the expression of the pictorial emotion of the artist, individual and immediate. It is seen in his work that rhythm, that harmony, that tone that approaches her even to a musical abstraction. Her work is emotional, organic, biomorphic.


The abstraction becomes lyrical and the materials she uses, acquire relevance by themselves and are an essential part of her compositions. A commitment to free, open, pure, instinctive painting, in search of new spaces of life. Open and firm struggle for clarity.


Her work is prompted by observation of the landscape and cultures encountered through voyages and aims to connect people and places. She is interested in the landscape as a representation system from where man can measure his world. The common thread running through Gadea’s work is a great fascination for nature, together with her willingness to travel and experience the landscape.






Blue Hope, Galería Kreisler

Just LX Lisboa Contemporary Art Fair  (Lisboa, Portugal)

Aponiente (Puerto Santa María, Spain)

ECCO - Espacio de Cultura Contemporánea de Cádiz (Cádiz, Spain)

Est_Art Space (Madrid, Spain)

Gades Sinergia. Castillo de Santa Catalina (Cádiz, Spain)

Just Madrid X, Palacio de Neptuno. (Madrid, Spain)

Galeria Kreisler (Madrid, Spain)

Galeria Kreisler (Madrid, Spain

The Meet the artist collective. (Madrid, Spain)

Art Market Budapest (Budapest, Hungary)

Berlin Group exhibition, Whiteconcepts Gallery, (Berlin, Germany)

Convento de San Diego. (Alaior, Spain)

Exposición Tierra de Hambre. Es.Arte Gallery (Marbella, Spain)

Galería Ror Arte (Madrid, Spain)

Art&Breakfast/4 Feria Internacional de arte emergente. (Málaga, Spain)

Museo de Guadalajara. Palacio del Infantado. (Madrid, Spain)

Galería Ror Arte (Madrid, Spain)

Vizuality art (Madrid, Spain)

Kreislerart (Madrid, Spain)

Galería Ror Arte (Madrid, Spain)

Galería Kreislert (Madrid, Spain)

Galería Artagora (Madrid, Spain)

WE ARE FAIR Conde Duque de Olivares (Madrid, Spain)

Feria Internacional de Arte San Sebastian (Kursaal)

Artbox Proyect (Basel Switzerland)

Art Fair (Málaga, Spain)

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